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About Us

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My passion for knives started at a young age, I loved knives and collected any that I could afford. I loved the history in knives especially military knives from the WWI and WWII. In 2012 I decided to try my hand at making a knife, and my sons Brant and Gage joined in. The first ones we made were out of recycled material (old saw blade) and turned out ok for a first attempt. I decided to get a used 4×36 sander and try my hand at a “real” knife. I made a few neck knives out of farrier rasps and then I was approached by a good friend about making a knife for his upcoming deployment. I decided to give it a try. I used an old chainsaw bar this time along with some canvas micarta, when it was complete I sent it to him. He showed it to the guys in his unit and one of them asked if I would make another for him. I was able to get the second one made and shipped out in time before they left. After some encouragement I decided to start Sloan Custom Knives. A lot has changed since then, and my skills have evolved along with my passions. I use top quality materials now and love the artistic aspect of the build. I have to thank Spencer at STA custom knives for all his help and encouragement through the years!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and if you want to see the latest builds go to my Facebook as that is were I post weekly.


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